Rope Chain (Rode) Kit For Windlasses

  • Rope Chain (Rode) Kit For Windlasses

    This anchor rope and chain kits come with 3-strand nylon rope pre-spliced to short link chain to suit anchor windlasses.

    Note: Galvanised short link chain is calibrated to suit Quick Windlasses.

    Rope Size Chain Size
    12mm x 50m 6mm x 10m
    12mm x 100m 6mm x 20m
    14mm x 50m 8mm x 10m
    14mm x 100m 8mm x 10m
    Rope/Chain Kit 6mmx10M/12.7mmx50M
    $272.25 KIT (ex. GST)
    Rope/Chain Kit 6x20M/12.7mmx100M
    $412.50 KIT (ex. GST)
    Rope/Chain Kit 8mmx10M/14.2mmx50M
    $297.00 KIT (ex. GST)
    Rope/Chain Kit 8x10M/14.2mmx100M
    $445.50 KIT (ex. GST)