RRC H04 Wireless Handheld Remote Control

  • RRC H04 Wireless Handheld Remote Control QFRRRCH040000A00 FRRRCH040000A00

    The Quick RRC H04 Wireless Handheld Remote Control is designed for remote operation of various on-board electrically operated equipment such as Quick anchor winches.

    It has the possibility of controlling more receivers with one transmitter and two functions can be activated at the same time.

    Additional Features are that it floats when dropped in water, it is capable of working with rechargeable batteries, and it has a keyboard backlighting by means of LEDs.

    Carrier Frequency: 434.420 Mhz
    Modulation: FSK
    Number of Keys: Four
    Power Supply: 3 alkaline AAA batteries or rechargeable Nims
    Operating Temperature: -15°C +70°C
    Weight: 0.13kg
    $233.87 EA (ex. GST)