Rule "Congo" Pump - 32 LPM

  • Rule "Congo" Pump - 32 LPM

    These Rule Congo pumps are not self priming and must be gravity fed or used with a one way valve in line (if used as in-line hose to hose) or fully submersed (if used with the strainer).

    They feature a clip-on, clip-off strainer that can removed to reveal a hose connection end for in-line pumping applications. Their super slim size allows them to fit into very small spaces including the filling hole of a 20 litre drum.

    Product Features:

    • Heavy duty continuously rated motor. Water or Diesel transfer.
    • Powerful 32 litres per minute capacity - 14 PSI - 9.7 metre head
    • Dual use - submersible or 20mm (3/4") hose inline pump
    • Includes 4 metres of wiring cable with alligator battery clips
    • Slimline body size : 166 x 41 mm
    • 12 or 24volt models
    Pump - RULE IL500P 12v (iL500P)
    $167.00 EA (ex. GST)
    Pump - RULE IL500P-24 24v
    $199.80 EA (ex. GST)