Shower - Transom - Shower & Mixer Set

  • Shower - Transom - Shower & Mixer Set

    The Plastimo transom shower/mixer tap twin range offers style, durability & functionality. The combined shower/mixer tap & 3 meter concealed hose in one housing, behind the hinged cover make it a great alternative. Mixer tap is a chrome brass plated with 3 x 200m hose connections offering hot cold functionality. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally & installation is relatively simple fitting to a deck or transom to give an unobtrusive look.

    Available in 2 colour options:

    • All White
    • Chrome Cover Lid


    • Shower head & mixer tap combined
    • Stylish, durable and functional
    • Mounted vertically or horizontally
    • Compact, Neat clean look
    • Hinged cover 
    • 316 hinge pin
    • Concealed 3m hose
    • UV resistant
    • ASA plastic
    • Also available in single housing
    • Sold as each
    Transom Shower & Mixer Set - White
    $168.30 SET (ex. GST)
    Transom Shower & Mixer Set - Chrome
    $186.00 SET (ex. GST)