UP20 Front & Tilt Mount Helm Pumps

  • UP20 Front & Tilt Mount Helm Pumps

    • Available in front and tilt mount helm pumps
    • Built-in lock valve for positive rudder lock
    • Integral relief valve for over-pressure protection
    • 3/4" tapered anodised aluminium shaft
    • Corrosion proof composite housing
    • Easy accessible lock valve and shaft seal for replacement
    • Includes elbow fittings for 3/8" tube
    • For use with UC94-OBF, UC68-OBS and UC69-I cylinder only
    • Tilt mechanism for UP20T helm pump which has a tilt range of 48° and five locking positions

    Note: X52 tilt mechanism fits standard Ultraflex tilt mount rotary and rack and pinion steering helms as well as standard Ultraflex tilt mount hydraulic pumps. On high performance systems use X70-SVS tilt mechanism.

    Note: X64 square flange allows the UP20F pump to be installed in an intermediate dashboard position.

    Model UP20F UP20T
    Mounting Front With X52 Tilt
    Displacement/Revolution 20cc - 1.2 cubic inch 20cc - 1.2 cubic inch
    Number Of Pistons 5 5
    Relief Valve Setting 1000psi 1000psi
    Maximum Wheel Diameter 508mm 406mm
    Weight 3.6kg 3.9kg
    Ultraflex Front Mount Helm Pump UP20F
    $780.30 EA (ex. GST)
    Ultraflex Tilt Mount Helm Pump UP20T
    $815.05 EA (ex. GST)