Vertical Anchor Winch (Dave Series) DV5

  • Vertical Anchor Winch (Dave Series) DV5

    Base in stainless steel AISI 316 and anodized aluminium in hard oxide - with and without drum rope and chain on a single gypsy. Integrated sensor and magnet for chain counter.

    Manual free-fall system, safety mechanical band brake. Supplied with pressure lever - inspection lid. IP67 (1700w) and IP66 (2000/2300W) watertight motor. Anodized aluminium gearbox.

    Windlass DV5 2300X Right 24v
    $7,975.00 KIT (ex. GST)
    Windlass DV5 2300Y Left 24v
    $7,975.00 KIT (ex. GST)
    Windlass DV5 2300DX GD Rght 24v
    $8,453.50 KIT (ex. GST)
    Windlass DV5 2300DY GD Left 24v
    $8,453.50 KIT (ex. GST)