Viper S Series MICRO Drum Anchor Winch Bundle

  • Viper S Series MICRO Drum Anchor Winch Bundle

    The Viper S-series Micro Winch features an all-stainless steel construction including a 316-grade stainless steel gearbox. Designed to fit into bow riders, tinnies, walk-around’s, bass boats and any boat with restricted anchor well space or even none at all.

    It includes a 1000w electric motor made from hand-polished 316 stainless steel and rotates its drum at speeds of up to 40mtrs per minute (fall rate) ensuring you get onto your GPS mark each and every time!

    It has more torque than a conventional drum winch; three support bearings hugging a one-piece solid shaft and a welded housing bracket that closes up the gap between your drum to prevent rope jams.

    Constructed from 8mm-plate 316 marine-grade stainless steel and comes standard with a life-time warranty against water intrusion plus a five-year Viper performance warranty.

    The Micro Winch is bundled with everything needed including a 5mm stainless steel sandwich plate, stainless steel bolts/screws/nylocs/washers, two face plates and rope, chain and swivel.

    With these two models, you get the choice of either 60mtrs of 6mm double braid premium rope or 100mtrs of 4mm 12-plait polyester rope spliced to 6 mtrs of 6mm galvanised short link anchor chain.

    All you have to add is your own cabling or one of the Bell Marine tinned copper marine wiring looms and you will never have to break your back pulling up your anchor and chain again!

    Product Features:

    • 28mm stainless steel shaft with three support bearings 
    • 316-grade polished stainless steel plate 
    • Powder-coated aluminum worm drive gear box
    • 3600 motor rotation, 16 different positions
    • 1 Mtr of 3 B&S tinned copper cable fitted & leak-tested
    • Max fall rate: 40 metres per minute
    • Max retrieval rate: 36 metres per minute
    • Suit vessel length: 4 metres and over
    • Max load: 180kgs
    • Weight: 13kgs
    • Available with either 60mtrs of 6mm double braid premium rope spliced to 6 mtrs of 6mm galvanised short link anchor chain, or 100mtrs of 4mm 12-Plait Uhmwpe Hi Spec 3000 rope spliced to 6 mtrs of 6mm galvanised short link anchor chain

    Kits Include:

    • Viper Pro Series II 1000 Micro Winch
    • Viper pro series anchor swivel small 
    • Viper deluxe anchor roller small 
    • 200amp reversing solenoid 
    • LED illuminated marine rocker switch 
    • Viper laser etched led illuminated switch cover 
    • 100 amp flush mount circuit breaker with rubber seal 
    • Single led switch stainless steel face plate 
    • Combo led switch & circuit breaker s/s face plate 
    • 5mm stainless steel sandwich plate 
    • All fixing hardware 
    • Installation notes & wiring diagram

    Download Installation Instructions

    Download Wiring Diagram

    • Oversize Product
    Viper Pro Series MICRO Anchor Winch Bundle with 66mtrs Rope & Chain
    $1,495.00 EA (ex. GST)
    Viper Pro Series MICRO Anchor Winch Bundle with 116mtr Rope & Chain
    $1,595.00 EA (ex. GST)