Watertight Marine Stereo Housing

  • Watertight Marine Stereo Housing

    Watertight hinged facia panel for CD player and radio, stereo systems. The rubber door seal and transparent or white panel keeps the water out and your stereo safe when on the water.

    Suitable for player up to 190mm wide x 60mm high

    Outside sizes A : 110mm B : 235mm
    Inside hole size C : 190mm D : 60mm

    Manufacture Part Number: Tinned Smoked Cover - 195265
    Manufacture Part Number: White Cover - 50281

    Watertight CD/Radio Box - Smoked Lid
    $38.90 EA (ex. GST)
    Watertight CD/Radio Box - White Lid
    $38.90 EA (ex. GST)