Bennett Marine M80 and M120 Sport Trim Tab Kits

  • Bennett Marine M80 and M120 Sport Trim Tab Kits

    The M80 and M120 Sport tabs are ideal for boats with limited transom space. The unique batwing design provides 30% more lift than conventional trim tabs. 

    Balance loads, plane faster, increase efficiency and performance with Bennett hydraulic trim tabs – known for power, precision, and durability.


    • Sport batwing tab design provides 30% more lift
    • Get on plane fast, and stay on plane at intermediate speeds
    • Correct listing and uneven loads
    • Improve visibility and safety
    • Reduce pounding and eliminate porpoising
    • Low maintenance, long-term value, and ease of service

    Kit includes:

    • 2 x stainless steel trim tabs planes
    • 2 x short actuators with a rivet clear lower hinge
    • 1 x hydraulic power unit
    • All necessary wiring, tubing, hardware and installation video.
    • 1 x Euro-Style Rocker Switch Control
    Kit Type Trim Tab Size
    (Span x Chord)
    Actuator Boat Size (ft)
    M80 8" x 10" Single 17-19 ft
    M120 10" x 12" Single 20-23 ft
    Bennett Marine M120 Sport Trim Tab Kit 10 x 12 Inch for 20-23ft Boats
    $1,103.14 KIT (ex. GST)
    Bennett Marine M80 Sport Trim Tab Kit 8 x 10 Inch for 17-19ft Boats
    $1,037.15 KIT (ex. GST)