Just two kiwi blokes from New Zealand that absolutely love fishing and everything that comes with it, so decided to do something about an issue they had dealt with long enough.

After becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact you could not buy a decent bottle holder for your boat without drilling a second hole in ya vessel, they decided to take matters into their own hands. After months of deliberating styles, materials, colours and consuming dozens of beverages they found out that there was a company based out of Florida who had the exact same idea as them but about 10 years prior, this was great news!

After making contact with the owners at Mate Series and discussing a few options they decided to join forces and bring these babies to Australasia, Because lets face it we have all been out on the big old blue, sitting back taking in the sunshine sippin' on an ice cold brew and all of a sudden your rod starts going crazy, you jump up and scramble to find the nearest mate or level surface to rest your beer, before you know it your tripping over your beer bottle and have spilt your liquid gold all over the deck.

That is where the Beerocket comes in.

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