The story so far...

It was the summer of 2015. James Burt and Adam Drinkwater, two guys with a friendship spanning 33 years, made a choice to put their passion for caravanning and boating to good use.

Adam and James had a vision: To improve the experience for campers and boat owners alike with a well-designed, British-built evaporative cooling system which was low on power, portable, effective and great value for money.

From humble beginnings, selling the TOTALCOOL 3000 in the UK at trade shows and online, today the TOTALCOOL family of products has a large dealer network and is sold all over Europe, and now Australia.  The TOTALFREEZE compressor fridge freezers and the TOTALPOWER lithium battery banks sit together perfectly in a brand synonymous with quality, honesty and synchronicity. 

Their highly skilled team, based in Clitheroe, Lancashire, really care about the products they sell.  They offer a personal service that goes way beyond the initial purchase.  TOTALCOOL is a lifestyle choice.  They aim to make life on-the-go just that bit easier with products built to work whenever you need them and wherever you are.

Put simply: When the heat is on, TOTALCOOL is the one.

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