Hella Marine NaviLED TRIO Tri Colour Navigation Lamp

  • Hella Marine NaviLED TRIO Tri Colour Navigation Lamp H61586 2LT 980 650-001

    The NaviLED Trio Navigation Light combines advanced materials with state of the art technology for reliability, efficiency and safety at sea.

    Its ultra-low current draw of less than 3.5w makes it great for power saving on board and it comes completely sealed to be impervious to saltwater and contaminants.

    The lens and optics technology ensures ultra-precise horizontal and vertical cut-off angles, clearly indicating a vessel’s movement and heading.

    Advanced heavy duty Grilamid lens and housing provide outstanding resistance to vibration, impact and shock loads.

    This light installs on a unique 316 stainless steel mounting shaft for a secure attachment and reliable electrical connections.

    Material Description: UV resistant, high impact nylon
    Lens Material: UV resistant, ultra heavy duty Grilamid lens
    Mounting Shaft: 316 stainless steel
    Minimum Visible Distance: Two Nauticle Miles (Yacht)
    Cable: Pre-wired with 400mm of triple core marine cable
    Operating Voltage: Multivolt 9-33v DC
    Voltage Protection: Spike protected to +500 volts Reverse polarity protected to -700 volts
    Power Consumption: Port, Starboard and Stern - Less than 3.5W combined All Round White / Anchor - Less than 1.5W
    Degree of Protection: IP 67 - Completely Sealed
    Weight: 400g (including cable)
    Approvals: BSH, IMO Col Reg 72, USCG, ABYC A-16, Maritime NZ
    Manufacturer's Number: 2LT 980 650-001
    $570.57 EA (ex. GST)