Helm Tilt Single Cable Planetry ( T81FC )

  • Helm Tilt Single Cable Planetry ( T81FC ) JPW18799


    • Stroke length 228mm.
    • T81FC steering systems are not to be used on boats equipped with engines that exceed the maximum horsepower rating of the boat.
    • For boats faster than 50mph hydraulic steering systems are recommended.
    • Exceeds EN28848 safety standards.
    • Exceeds ABYC P17 safety standards.

    Note: Helm and Tilt Mechanism sold separately.

    Suited for Boat sizes:

    • Outboard up to 30’-9m
    • Inboard up to 35’- 10.5m
    • Suited for boat speeds up to 50 mph.
    • For boat speeds over 50 mph it is recommended to fit a twin cable system.
    Type Max. Allowable Steering Wheel Dia
    Suitable for Engines
    T81FC Single Cable Steering Helm 406 25-225
    Tilt Mechanism 5-Position 406 25-225
    $285.09 EA (ex. GST)