HoseCoil System - Flush Mount

  • HoseCoil System - Flush Mount J27-107 HC15F

    The HoseCoil System is a versatile piece of equipment, featuring a self-coiling 10mm x 4.5mtr hose constructed from strong and highly flexible blue polyurethane.

    This fits into the hatch enclosure that mounts flush in the deck or bulkhead. It also features a twist lock lid that removes from the enclosure for easy access and has a draw string to prevent accidental loss.

    The hatch is fully enclosed underneath and is fitted with a 13mm hose tail for drainage.

    Kits Includes:

    • Hosecoil 4.5mtr
    • Spray nozzle
    • Hose adaptors to suit 10mm, 13mm and 16mm hose.

    Product Features:

    • Self-coiling 10mm hose
    • Flush hatch enclosure
    • Twist lock lid
    • In-built draw string
    • 13mm hose tail
    • Includes hose, spray nozzle and hose adaptors
    $484.00 KIT (ex. GST)