Quick DP2E Series Vertical Windlass

  • Quick DP2E Series Vertical Windlass

    For boats from 6 to 10 metres (20 - 36ft)

    The DP2E windlass is equipped with an epicyclical gearbox, that provides much higher efficiency (40% compared to equivalent traditional gearboxes).


    • Vertical windlasses
    • AISI 316 grade stainless steel base
    • With and without drum rope and chain on a single gypsy
    • Manual Free-Fall system
    • Supplied with pressure lever inspection lid
    • IP66 (500-800W) watertight motors
    • Anodised aluminium gearbox

    Standard Inclusions:

    • Clutch Release and Manual Lift Handle
    • Isolator/Circuit Breaker Panel
    • Reversing Solenoid

    Optional Additions:

    • Remote Up/Down Panel Switch
    • Foot Switches: Up-Down for the deck
    • Digital Chain Counters
    • Hand Held Remote Controls
    • Wireless Remote Controls

    Quick DP2E Drilling Template

    Model DP2E 500 DP2E 800
    Watts 500w 800w
    Volts 12v 12v or (24v)
    Amps 60A 84A (53A 24v)
    Chain Gypsy Size (mm) 6 or 8mm 6 or 8mm
    Rope Size 12mm 12mm
    Max. Pull 620kg 820kg
    Max. Working Load 200kg 290kg
    Max. Chain Speed 22.9m/min 22.5m/min
    Drive Shaft Vertical Vertical
    Capstan Option Yes Yes
    Chain/Rope Gypsy Yes Yes
    Deck Thickness 20 - 40mm 20 - 40mm
    • Oversize Product
    Windlass DP2E 500w 12v 6mm Kit
    $2,113.27 KIT (ex. GST)
    Windlass DP2E 500w 12v 8mm Kit
    $2,113.27 KIT (ex. GST)
    Windlass DP2E 500w 12v 6mm Gypsy-Drum Kit
    $2,308.96 KIT (ex. GST)
    Windlass DP2E 500w 12v 8mm Gypsy-Drum Kit
    $2,308.96 KIT (ex. GST)
    Windlass DP2E 800w 12v 8mm Kit
    $2,304.30 KIT (ex. GST)