Rod Holder - S/Steel Extension

  • Rod Holder - S/Steel Extension RWB1978

    Stainless Steel (316g) gimbal lock rod holder extension. Ideal for boats where straight/vertical hold holders are installed. Used to extend (450mm) & angle rod over side or stern. Locks into standard standless steel rod holders. with bore size 38mm or greater.

    Extension (450mm) | S/Steel


    • Stainless Steel (316g)
    • Gimbal Lock
    • Extends 450mm from existing rod holder
    • Angles rod away from side or stern
    • easily used
    Extension 450mm past toop of rod holder
    Shaft 40mm ø
    Fits into Shaft ID 38mm ø or greater
    Fixing 4 x 5mm countersunk
    $134.50 EA (ex. GST)