Solar Powered Ventilator - 215mm

  • Solar Powered Ventilator - 215mm RWB1739

    Low profile, weatherproof, solar powered vent with stainless steel housing. Extracts up to 800 cubic feet of air per hour in bright sunlight conditions.

    Works successfully in natural daylight. Can be mounted at any angle on almost any surface. No wiring or running costs required.

    Supplied complete with mounting gasket, dress rim and instructions. Blades supplied for both intake and exhaust use.

    Above Deck Height : 35mm
    Overall Vent Dia : (8.5") 215mm
    Vent Cut-Out Dia : (4") 120mm

    Vent Height Above Deck Vent Overall Diameter Vent Cut-Out Diameter
    35mm 215mm (8.5") 120mm (4")
    $104.90 EA (ex. GST)