Waist Belt 100 Manual Inflatable Life Jacket

  • Waist Belt 100 Manual Inflatable Life Jacket JPW7530 600110

    The Axis Level 100 Inflatable Waist Belt PFD is designed to be worn around the waist for easy movement while boating/fishing. 

    To operate, the user simply pulls the jacket out of the bag, places it over their head and then pull the yellow cord for it to start inflating.

    The jacket comes with a 35gm gas cylinder and features a UML mini manual operating system as well as back up for oral inflation.

    Product Features:

    • Comfortable, lightweight fit
    • UML mini manual operation system
    • Oral back up inflatable
    • Includes 25gm gas cylinder
    • 100 Newtons of buoyancy
    • AS4758.1 Approved
    • Designed to suit all adults

    Note: This is only a PFD when the jacket is placed over the head and inflated.

    $108.74 EA (ex. GST)