Wema Adaptors to suit Tank Level Senders

  • Wema Adaptors to suit Tank Level Senders

    Versatile assorted tank level sender adaptors for connecting and mounting the Wema SAE 5 hole and 1 1/4" BSP threaded senders.

    • FL-2 : Topside Flange Adaptor
      Nylon topside flange and nitrile gasket to mount the S3 or S3H tank level senders. Fit both to topside of the tank to create 1 1/4" BSP thread. Also features the standard SAE 5 hole pattern. If the tank has a thin top, it is recommended to use with a FLS-U underside flange to prevent leaks and provide a more secure fit.
    • FLS-U : Underside Flange Adaptor
      Stainless steel underside flange ring with a set of stainless steel screws. Fit to the underside of the tank to provide a SAE 5 hole pattern to mount the S5 senders or FL-2 topside flange adaptor. 
    • HFL : Topside/Underside Flange 1-1/4 Inch BSP
      Stainless flange kit with 1 1/4" BSP thread to take Wema threaded senders, complete with gasket, inner ring and set of stainless screws.
    Wema HFL Topside/Underside Flange 1-1/4 Inch BSP
    $39.27 EA (ex. GST)
    Wema FLS-U Underside Flange Adaptor
    $16.83 EA (ex. GST)
    Wema FL-2 Topside Flange Adaptor
    $13.33 EA (ex. GST)