Wema Gasoline Tachometer Black 12/24v

  • Wema Gasoline Tachometer Black 12/24v JPW2598 IQHB-BB-8KL

    Wema tachometers combine an analogue style RPM scale with a digital hour counter display. The LCD display doubles as a programming tool for set-up and calibration.

    These gauges utilise stepper motor technology for accuracy and repeatability. The universal design allows for multiple input sources from conventional ignition, alternator signal or inductive sensor.

    Model IQHB-BB-8KL
    Range 0 - 8000 rpm
    Size 85mm
    Movement Incremental Stepper Motor
    Input Signal Ignition/Alternator/Inductive
    Input Voltage Universal 12v or 24v DC
    Illumination Back-lit dial, red/yellow LED
    Dial Black
    Bezel Black Plastic
    Application Suitable for conventional igniation (2 and 4 cycle) signal input
    $222.16 EA (ex. GST)