Quick GP2 1500 Series Horizonal Windlass

  • Quick GP2 1500 Series Horizonal Windlass

    For boats from 6 to 10 metres (20 - 33ft)

    A compact, on-deck mounted windlass providing functionality and efficiency.

    Manufactured for the harsh marine environment, the Genius GP2 1500 features a robust anodised marine grade alloy housing and a 316 grade stainless steel gypsy.

    The Genius GP2 1500FF free fall version allows fast, precision anchoring.

    Quick's patented free fall mechanism will send the anchor into free fall from the touch of a button; when hitting that ledge or wreck, really matters. The serious fisherman's friend!


    • GP2 1500: Power Up / Power Down operation
    • GP2 1500FF: Quick's Free Fall technology
    • Ideal for restricted above deck mounting
    • Anodised alloy housing for reduced corrosion
    • Dual direction permanent magnet motor for greater output and reduced power consumption

    Standard Inclusions:

    • Composite Clutch Manual Release Handle
    • Isolator/Circuit Breaker Panel
    • Reversing Solenoid
    • Gypsy: to suit 6-8mm short link chain, 12mm three-strand nylon or polyester rope

    Optional Additions:

    • Foot Switches: Up-Down for the deck
    • Digital Chain Counters
    • Hand Held Remote Controls
    • Remote Up/Down Panel Switch
    Model GP2 1500 GP2 1500 FF
    Watts 500 watts 500 watts
    Volts Std. (Opt.) 12 volts 12 volts
    Amps 76 amps 76 amps
    Chain Standard (Opt.) 6 (8) mm 6 (8) mm
    Rope Size 12mm 12mm
    Maximum Pull 680kg 680kg
    Maximum Working Load 250kg 250kg
    Maximum Chain Speed 25.5m/min 25.5m/min
    Drive Shaft Horizontal Horizontal
    Capstan Option No No
    Chain/Rope Gypsy Yes Yes
    Dimensions (mm)
    (L x W x H)
    248.4 x 202.4 x 134.5
    Weight 10.5kg 10.5kg
    • Oversize Product
    GP2 1500 Windlass 500W 12v 6mm Gypsy
    $2,480.00 KIT (ex. GST)
    GP2 1500 Windlass 500W 12v 8mm Gypsy
    $2,480.00 KIT (ex. GST)
    GP2 1500 Windlass 500W 12v 6mm Gypsy with FreeFall
    $2,751.00 KIT (ex. GST)
    GP2 1500 Windlass 500W 12v 8mm Gypsy with FreeFall
    $2,751.00 KIT (ex. GST)