Solar Powered Vent S/S with Switch & Battery

  • Solar Powered Vent S/S with Switch & Battery RWB1737

    Solar powered ventilator that also has a switch and integral battery that will operate the vent for up to 30 hours when no sunlight is present. Constructed from a polished stainless steel body.


    • No wiring is required
    • The battery recharges itself when sunlight is present
    • Moves up to 700 cubic feet of air per hour
    • Run time 30 hours with no sunlight at full charge
    • Supplied with 2 types of interchangeable blade for either intake or exhaust ventilation
    • Polished stainless steel body with weatherproof seals
    Vent Height Above Deck Vent Overall Diameter Vent Cut-Out Diameter
    40mm 190.5mm 95mm
    $124.80 EA (ex. GST)