Bluefin LED

Bluefin LED
Bluefin LED specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative LED underwater marine lights. Technically superior and quality assured, their lights are designed and engineered in the UK from the finest sourced components and materials to provide breathtaking night-time illumination on all types of boats and yachts.
Onshore, their award-winning dock lights and pathway lights can be installed with confidence onto marinas and docks.  Bluefin LED lights are available in white, blue and green and RGBW colour-changing options for that perfect finishing touch.
Bluefin are unique because:
- Their underwater LED boat and marina lights are patented and incorporate cutting edge technology.
- Their products are all British-engineered and manufactured.
- They provide quality-assured solutions for vessels large and small.
- Internal driver systems are supplied as standard across the entire core range.
- Bluefin never compromise on quality throughout design, manufacture and assembly stages.
- They constantly strive to increase performance and reliability, whilst reducing cost.
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